Confused? We’ll fix that.

Here’s why.

Each week, we will address a new question provided by you.  If a query is complex enough, we will lie in wait and snag an expert for a live chat. If we can’t waylay an expert, we will open it up to you for a Know-It-All discussion.  See? Easy. 

Toss your “why” question into the comments area.  It can address anything from decent manners, language,  travel and musicology to the mysteries of science, engineering and the joys of the current economy; but if it’s disgusting, sadistic, hate-filled or pornographic we will ignore it or perhaps snicker at your lack of a viable social life.  If your question is off-the-wall, genuine, and lots of people like it, we’ll not only answer it as our Explanation of the Week, but we will have a genuine live chat on the subject, during which we will explain the why of it all.

Well, go on then. Challenge us.


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  1. First guest, coming next week, is nationally known journalist and international traveler Greg Gross, author of the blog “I’m Black and I Travel” at to answer the following: “I’m Black and I travel – why so surprised?”

    Next up is a discussion with Canadian and US-based career counselors addressing survival in the current North American job hunt, with particular emphasis on age discrimination, in “Why don’t I have a job?”

    Stand by for time and date confirmations for both live chats.

    Don’t forget to leave your questions. We will find our experts and let you have your say during the live chats.

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