Why I won’t use supermarket salad bars.

Here’s why.

In this age of H1N1 and so on, it amazes me that supermarket salad bars with their open pits of whatever-breeds-in-mayonnaise are still in operation anyway. But this one incident nearly made me lose my lunch before I even bought it (you have been warned).

Sweeping into the deli area from the street, and preceded by a distinct odor, came a muddy whirlwind of a man. He brushed past me, gave me a truly maniacal grin, dipped a filthy hand into the nearest potato salad bin and placed a helping straight into his mouth. He flashed me a conspiratorial wink and shot back into the street.

That’s why.

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  1. Thanks for that, Anne. Think I’ll go have lunch now. Salmonella on rye, please. Hold the ptomaine…

    • Just make sure you get that at the deli counter. I’m just sayin’.

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