The hunt: Staying “up” when you’re down

This week’s “Here’s Why” is more of a “here’s how.”

If anyone else is as irked as I am about the chirpy li’l platitudes coming into my cobwebbed inbox from perky li’l job counselors who no doubt have happy li’l cubicles with cute li’l sayings of the day taped to the walls, then you will probably like this week’s job-hunter chat.

This time we will be gathering to provide real-world advice for keeping your spirits up as this recession drags onward. Those of us who have conquered the unemployment blues will help a buddy through.

Friday, Feb. 26 at 10a.m. PST, 1 p.m. EST: Chat replay: Staying “up” when you’re down

We aren’t saying it’s easy, and we won’t offer a one-size answer, either. Some of it you’ve heard before – and since it’s live, you can challenge it, redefine it, offer it, and at least feel that you are still part of the human race.

That advice about getting out of your jammies, keeping your basic hygiene routine going, and watching the junk food and beer intake, for example? It’s good, solid and real. It is also a lot harder than it sounds when you feel like the kid who just got booted from the dodgeball squad. But you have to be your own boss here and get on it.

Keep connected. If all your friends are still at your old job, then you need to join an online chat group, or a club of any kind, or do something that will let you feel like part of the world. Hanging out with your friends who are still working is great, but it can really intensify your emotions about your personal situation, so don’t make them your exclusive circle.

Watch your language. Believe it or not, once you start whining, using words like “but” and “hate” and “b@$%@^#$” you will actually drag yourself down. Once in a while you will be perfectly justified and it will be cathartic, but it can consume you. No need to fake cheeriness either; but whining will make your precious circle of contacts disappear faster than teenagers on chore days.

We’re aiming this chat at the job-hunter, so it will take place on Friday morning/early afternoon to accommodate the group. It’s not that there’s a “no working types” sign on the door, but we seekers need each other right now.

Click here to see the chat replay from Friday, Feb. 26.

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  1. Ann,

    Very commendable for you start these sessions. I will help you and others even when I have found a job as in the UK, I should always be able to get home by 6pm. Can’t thank you enough, well done and all that…

    • My thanks to you for your interest! The more, the – well – the less despondent, shall we say?

      All the participants will be interested in the UK perspective. We’re looking forward to your suggestions and comments, Mr. Mubbisher; see you Friday!

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