Pick up the challenge

During the “How to stay ‘up’ when you’re down” chat from Friday, Feb. 26, Here’s Why issued the following challenge: What is something you have wanted to do in another city, country or place? Let us know, and someone else will pick up the challenge, do it on your behalf and post (below) what it was like. You can do the same in return if you are so inclined.

Please don’t pick up a challenge that you have already done. Here’s why: This is all about seeing your own surroundings with fresh eyes, and maybe trying something new, to pull yourself out of a rut. So if you kissed a chimney sweep last year, it won’t count.

As a challenger, think of something you have always wondered about doing: Maybe it’s simple, like having a beer in a pub somewhere in Britain or a cafe au lait in Paris; walking along a California beach in February; or building a snowman (in the snow or on the sand, whatever!). Or be more adventurous – skydiving, playing rugby, whatever takes your fancy. We have readers from around the world, so you never know.

    Write your challenge in the comments section.
    Read other posts. Pick one, and respond that you have picked up the challenge.
    Do it. Then come back here and write a comment about it. Describe that pub or how it was at the beach or what your snowman looked like. How’d that skydive go? Was that chimney sweep bristly? Give us a taste of your experience and fulfill somebody’s wish.

It will be – well – different! You might even expand your circle of contacts (Snowman on the beach? Yeah. You will.). This is a very simple thing you can do to bring yourself out of the doldrums, and it will work. Check back and see how it goes.


♦ Live chat replay Friday, Feb. 26: “Staying ‘up’ when you’re down” during which we hosted a tip-sharing live chat with our fellow job-seekers on how to pull yourself out of the nearly inevitable emotional murk. The challenge theory is discussed in this chat. Click here to view the replay.

♦ In response to the challenge “visit Niagara Falls”: “The edge of the world”


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  1. All right, I’ll go first. Any Brits around who could take a walk along the Thames for me? I’ll send you a virtual hug if you can go rowing at some point.

    • First challenge has been picked up. Check back for a virtual walk along the Thames.

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