Things I did not know

♦ That I was showering with a big hairy black spider, until it removed its cigar and snickered, “Keep going, baby.”

♦ That I can hit a sustained note in dog-hearing range.

♦ That exiting a tub at that particular speed produces a ricochet effect of 3.5 in my bathroom.

♦ That spiders can roll all 8 eyes simultaneously while producing a look of sheer disgust as they go down the drain.

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  1. ROTFLMAO. Why didn’t you just squish him?

    • UGH! And get spider eyes stuck to the soles of my feet??!!?? Eeeeeeeyeeew, eeew ew ew ewwwwwwwww.

      I reserve the right to regress from professional, collected business adult-in-charge to shrieking girl-child state when I discover the presence of an arachnid in my sink or in my shower.

      Otherwise I don’t mind! My skydiving instructor kept a large (think handspan) golden wolf spider called “Fred” who lived in the window of my sleeping quarters. Fred and I left each other alone, and I guess that’s when I got over the worst of it.

      This is almost a separate post …

  2. […] are not in fact lurking voyeuristically in the drain to catch you all soaped up and unaware. (That last one did speak to me, though, I mean it. I think it had a New Jersey […]

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