California EDD and H.R. 4851 filing extension (NOT Tier 5)

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H.R.4213 would extend benefits through the end of 2010 but does not add a fifth tier. It is tabled until the House and Senate return the second week of June.

Though there is currently no Tier 5 of federal jobless benefits, the good news for jobseekers is that H.R.4851 – Continuing Extension Act of 2010 extends the filing deadline to qualify for existing additional benefits to May 23, 2010. The bill also extends the $25 weekly stimulus addition to insurance benefit checks as well as the COBRA subsidy.

Californa’s Employment Development Department answer page explains the many details

This is a break for the many thousands whose insurance ran out after April 5 of this year. It will not help if you were laid off after November 15, 2009, as your benefits will run out after the May 23 deadline to file for an extension.*

The EDD points out that Californians may still have other resources to turn to, including FED-ED eligibility, which depends on an individual state’s unemployment rate. Note also that if you are moved into the FED-ED status, the regulations are much more stringent than on a regular umemployment claim.

From, here is the official summary of H.R. 4851, which also includes items not related to unemployment insurance.

* [Editorial note: As has been said countless times, it’s unlikely that the government will stop extending these deadlines as the country still faces roughly 9.7% unemployment. And, as has been pointed out, this is an election year.]


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  1. […] UPDATE 4/15: PASSED: H.R.4851 – Continuing Extension Act of 2010 RELATED SUMMARY 4/17/10: California EDD and H.R. 4851 filing extension (NOT Tier 5) […]

  2. […] California EDD and H.R. 4851 filing extension […]

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