Hire Anne Maclachlan

Here’s why:

  • You hoped you could do it yourself, and now there are bite marks on your keyboard.
  • Your dream presentation just lies there, and it won’t get up.
  • Grammar gremlins cursed your content.
  • You can’t recall the their / there / they’re rule and you no longer care, care, care.
  • You just want it done, already.
  • I can fix all of these problems for you.

    An award-winning Web content producer and writer with a global background, I have a passion for anything maritime related, along with a portfolio of online and print work exploring current events, travel, luxury lifestyles, history and the arts.

    I write eye-catching, memorable Web content for businesses large and small. Want to stand out? Email me at anne.maclachlan09@gmail.com or message me over at LinkedIn.

    I’ve covered general news; written features on everything from spas to street kids; reviewed books, museums, restaurants and shows; and developed successful press releases, speeches, adult-ed curricula and textbooks.

    I speak several languages – even taught one French class in Spanish – and have an international background with an emphasis on global culture, education and communication.

    Please take a look at my portfolio samples and my resume on LinkedIn, or stop by my website at Anne Maclachlan.com. Then, please send me an email at anne.maclachlan09@gmail.com and let me know what you need.

    Anne Maclachlan
    Writer/Editor for print and Web

    Anne Maclachlan.com

    Here’s Why


    Non work-related reason to hire me: I’m not ordinary. Imagine what I could do for you.

    I’ve climbed into ships’ rigging, furled sails under stormy way on a schooner, driven a Wells Fargo stagecoach, saved a co-worker from a venomous redback spider that was crawling down his neck, attended a private midnight Gypsy festival under the stars in the ruins of an ancient Sevillian monastery, kissed Luciano Pavarotti, gone skydiving at sunset in the Australian bush to get over my fear of heights, and coolly endured a tear-gas explosion set by troublemakers in a crowded French cellar jazz bar.

    I’ve haggled in a tiny Moroccan room over mint tea with a robed fabrics merchant, seen the full moon reflected in the Mediterranean from atop Gibraltar, taken a turn managing a volleyball league, been snakebitten (okay so it was practically a worm with teeth) in the Canadian woods, accompanied the U.S. Coast Guard as they prepared for a massive drug bust, studied several forms of martial arts (no sudden moves please, I am not good), and done a slew of other interesting things. I am not an international agent, but imagine what I could bring to you.


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    1. So much talent, so little time

    2. I’m not prepared to do anything about it now but what would it cost for you to edit a book/short story I have written? It’s about fifty pages long.

      • John, thanks for contacting me. I’ll send you a quote privately. Stand by, please!

        Thanks again,

        ~~ Anne

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