H.R. 4213 discussion this week; no fifth tier before year’s end

UPDATE 6/18/10 For CA recipients of unemployment insurance, an announcement and clarification from EDD regarding immediate FED-ED stoppage as well as information regarding continuing befefits for those who are currently on one of the four tiers. No other news on deadline extensions is available as of this week.

UPDATE 6/17/10 Cumbersome H.R. 4213 is not doing well, but is not dead yet. Only part of the American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act deals with extending the deadlines to apply for benefit extensions, the COBRA subsidy and the continuation of the weekly $25 stimulus payment included in relief checks. The rest of the bill is up for equally heated debate (see link to amendments and votes in body of post below), much of which is focused on how to pay for the proposals.

Please check the links below to keep abreast of what is happening.

UPDATE 6/10/10 via OpenCongres.org: Latest actions on H.R.4213 – American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act of 2010

(Expired updates deleted by author)

6/8/10 Follow the proceedings
From the Office of the Clerk, U.S. House of Representatives, follow proceedings as they are recorded. There is also a selection of live video, audio and podcast feeds.

The Senate is anticipating action this week on H.R. 4213. There’s a lot crammed into this bill. Take a look at the number of amendments under discussion to get an idea of why this sort of issue takes so long. (If this link does not work, go to the Bill Summary & Status page and click the amendments link.)

One of the compromises in the jobs section of H.R. 4213 is to extend eligibility to apply for currrent tiers only through November instead of December. Still under impassioned debate is the question of how financial support for the unemployed will be funded. This aid includes 65% COBRA subsidies and the $25 weekly stimulus payments that have been added to unemployment insurance checks.

No fifth tier before year’s end
Adding extra weeks, or a fifth tier of extensions, for 99ers is highly unlikely at this point. According to a report by Huffington Post last week, “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that Congress will not take up any measure to give the long-term jobless more weeks of unemployment benefits beyond the 99 weeks available in some states.”

It has been suggested, however, that the addition of a fifth tier might be addressed near the end of this year. According to various reports, much will depend on whether the economy has shown significant improvement by then.

Here is the contact list for senators and representatives.

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  1. […] H.R. 4213 discussion this week; no fifth tier before year’s end […]

  2. yes i have exhaust tier 1 after June 5 and now unemployment is telling me i cannot continue to tier 2 because of the cut off date. what am i to do i have a wife and 4 children to support i have never received unemployment before since i have always been able to find a job and now that i need the help there telling me i cannot receive unemployment unless there is another extension. can any help with some info or something can i appeal this? is there anything i can do..

    • Hi David,

      I am so sorry to read about your situation.

      Until Monday or Tuesday of next week, everything has come to a halt. My personal feeling is that the deadlines will be extended again, because there are so very many people in this predicament. I don’t have any inside reason to believe this other than this: it’s an election year.

      The last time there was a lapse in coverage, payments were reinstated and made retroactive, so that could very well happen again.

      In the meantime, contact your county health department for low-cost dental and medical care, and look into your local food banks. Your local utility company may have a subsidy program as well.

      The only other thing I can suggest is to get in touch with your senators and reps – here is the contact link for representatives: Representative Offices. From the official United States Senate website, this is the contact information for state senators. Some have been happy to make case studies of their constituents to show how real people are trying to survive this.

      Good luck to you, David.

      ~~ Anne

  3. Anne Thanks for your comment.

  4. David, what state do you live in?

  5. Florida

  6. David, these links might help you find assistance while you are under the crunch:

    Florida Food Programs Emergency Aid main page http://www.florida-agriculture.com/foodprograms/emergency_food_program.htm

    Locate a food program near you in Florida: http://www.florida-agriculture.com/foodprograms/recipient_agencies_counties.htm

    For medical and dental assistance, contact your local county health department.

    Something could transpire in Washington this week as the House and the Senate continue debates on the amendments to H.R. 4213. I’m not sure about the status of the penalties for temping; that was part of of the bill originally but may have been chopped.

    If you are near Pensacola and the oil spill zones and are physically capable of working to clean up the affected areas, you might be able to land some temp work. This Examiner article has good info about that: http://www.examiner.com/x-23222-Fort-Lauderdale-Green-Culture-Examiner~y2010m6d6-Unemployed-to-be-hired-to-clean-up-beaches

    I hope you will stay in touch, David, and let us know how you are doing.

    Best wishes,


  7. thanks again for your comment Anne you have been much help with information. THANK YOU..

  8. […] UPDATE 6/7/10: Please note that H.R. 4851 extended benefits into May; the new debate, H.R. 4213, is whether the eligibility for extensions and other provisions can continue through November. H.R. 4213 discussion this week; no fifth tier before year’s end […]

  9. […] *Excerpt from full post: “Take a look at the number of amendments under discussion to get an idea of why this sort of issue takes so long. (If this link does not work, go to the Bill Summary & Status page and click the amendments link.” Published in: Uncategorized on June 29, 2010 at 9:47 am Leave a Comment Tags: anne maclachlan, CA unemployment insurance, careers, COBRA subsidy, EDD, FED-ED, FED-ED benefits, federal extensions, H.R.4213, here's why, job hunting, job search, linkedin, maclachlan, S. 3520, temping, UI benefits, unemployment […]

  10. […] 4213 would extend the unemployment insurance filing deadlines (see H.R. 4213 discussion this week; no fifth tier before year’s end from June, but as of yet there is still no Tier […]

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