PASSED: H.R. 5618: Extends deadlines and stops ‘temping penalty’

UPDATE 7/12/10 Check the Senate floor calendars (and links) to keep up with what they are addressing this week:

  • Democrats Senate Floor Calendar
  • Republican Floor Updates
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    Thanks to reader Steve for his eyes on this while Here’s Why was otherwise engaged today.

    UPDATE 7/1/10: H.R. 5618 has passed the House today at a vote of 270-153. See who voted for and against.

    Next step is a Senate vote, which could take place July 12.

    This could be an exciting development on June 30, if H.R. 5618 can make it past the opponents.

    Though there is no provision for the upkeep of the $25 weekly stimulus payment, nor is there yet a Tier V, H.R. 5618 stops the benefits reduction penalty for those who accept temporary employment. This is a huge incentive and of great help to those people who have accepted temp work for two weeks or more, only to find their benefits have been cut upon reapplication for unemployment insurance.

    Keep an eye on this one, and also on S. 3520 if it doesn’t fly.

    Thanks again, Steve!

    From the Office of the Clerk, U.S. House of Representatives, follow today’s proceedings as they are recorded. There is also a selection of live video, audio and podcast feeds.



    S.3520: Extension may come in stand-alone bill

    Senators Kerry, Reed move to stop benefits penalties for temp work


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    1. H.R. 5618 passed today 7/1/10. 🙂

    2. Steve, thank you so much for this news!

    3. This is such an exciting development; a step in the right direction if the Senate moves on it 7/12. Interesting that it isn’t receiving more newsplay.

    4. […] Keep an eye on H.R. 5618 this week as well. It does not address COBRA or the weekly stimulus payments, but it does deal with the infamous “temping penalty” that often stops or reduces benefits after someone accepts two or more weeks of temporary employment. (See PASSED: H.R. 5618: Extends deadlines and stops ‘temping penalty’) […]

    5. This is all well and good but what are us 99ers going to do, we have not had benefits for months and now they want us to suffer even more. Who is going to step up and help us while they are playing plolicical games ??? They seem to be trying to get as close to November as they can to keep it fresh on our minds instead of approving unemployment months ago, but either way NO HELP FOR THE 99ERS. The trick is they have not approved a real extension in months, they keep saying they extended unemployment but THEY ONLY HAVE EXTENDED ONLY THE ELIGIBLITY DATES, but to fool the public they claim they extended unemployment. It’s just more ppolitical double talk. I guess the over 2 million 99ers votes just don’t count anymore, hmmmmm we’ll see if they count in November when those same back stabbers will be looking to us for votes so they can keep their seats. Question of the day, why should we vote for the same SOB’s that are doing nothing for us now, and have not done anything for us for months while they starve us out. We maybe starving, can pay our rent, bills, gas to put in our cars so we can look for work. We are paying and suffering now, but we know how to make them pay in November.

      • Thanks for writing, Bobby. Nancy Pelosi has said that a fifth tier will probably not be addressed before the end of this year. My personal feeling is that “November” will qualify as “end of year” and at that point, every senator and congressmember will want to claim Tier 5. It will be a long summer and – er – “fall.”

        Good luck, Bobby!

        ~~ Anne

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