S.3520: Extension may come in stand-alone bill

UPDATE July 1 PASSED: H.R. 5618: Extends deadlines and stops ‘temping penalty’

H.R. 5618 has passed the House today at a vote of 270-153. See who voted for and against.

Next step is a Senate vote, which could take place July 12.

Thanks to reader Steve for his eyes on this while Here’s Why was otherwise engaged today.


Update June 29: Many thanks to Here’s Why reader Steve for this alert as HW was otherwise engaged today: H.R. 5618: Extends deadline and stops ‘temping penalty’


Here’s Why has been of the opinion that Washington will be coming to their constituents’ rescue, in spite of the recent assassination of H.R. 4213. Elected officials are now concerned about losing their own jobs as millions of people react to the stalled employment figures.

The most recent attempt to extend benefits registration, H.R. 4213 was unrecognizable by the time it came to a vote. Earlier in HW we took a look at all the amendments and challenges that were bogging the proposal down. *

On June 22, Senator Debbie Ann Stabenow (D-MI) introduced a stand-alone bill called S.5320 that could save the unemployed as well as certain seats in the House and Senate. Common sense suggests that a simple and clear-cut bill addressing the extension of deadlines to file for unemployment insurance stands a far better chance of success.

No Tier Five
Again, there is no fifth tier in this bill. Earlier this year House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stated that the establishment of Tier V could be addressed at the end of 2010, but most likely not before then.

Extension of filing deadlines
S. 3520 would permit currently eligible unemployment insurance recipients (those who have not exhausted available benefits of up to 99 weeks) to proceed to the next level of established tiers and FED-ED benefits. It would also allow the weekly $25 stimulus payment to continue.

As of today, June 29 2010, the bill does not seem to address either the COBRA subsidy or the “temping penalty.”

Here’s Why recommends staying up-to-date with Open Congress coverage of S.3520.

We are hopeful that you’ll understand our inability to monitor this from moment to moment, as we continue our own search for full-time employment.


*Excerpt from full post: “Take a look at the number of amendments under discussion to get an idea of why this sort of issue takes so long. (If this link does not work, go to the Bill Summary & Status page and click the amendments link.”


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  1. Thanks for the info. Keep an eye on H.R. 5618 too. 🙂

  2. Thank you for this, and for all your posts. I’ve been unemployed for almost 6 months now, and I’m about to run out of benifits in another week. Thank for your help in navagating the shifty EDD and keeping us all updated on the latest developments with the unemployment bill.

    • You are very welcome, Jannet.

      Another commenter, Steve (see above) is suggesting we also keep an eye on H.R. 5618.

      We need all the eyes – and ayes – we can get!

  3. RE: HR 5618 – it’s not dead yet. Today they set aside rules to fast track the legislation. As a result a 2/3 majority was needed to pass the bill. That failed with 261 ayes failing to hit 2/3. The bill will be voted on again tomorrow and require only a 50% vote which would equate to 219 votes. Should be plenty to pass.

    • Steve, thank you so much for keeping an eye on this!

      Whose chances do you like – 5618 or 5320?

      • H.R.5618 because it was introduced today and may pass tomorrow. S.3520 is stuck in committee and has been for a week. Of course either has to be reconciled by the other half of Congress.

  4. Many thanks, Steve! This is extremely helpful!

  5. […] S.3520: Extension may come in stand-alone bill […]

  6. Does HR 5618 apply to only those who have received the Tier III and IV benefits? I was laid of Jan 19 and the extensions do not apply to me.

  7. Hello Jackie,

    The way it is currently presented, H.R. 5618 extends the deadline for filing extensions through November of this year. You should be able to file for an extension as long as you have not exhausted the fourth tier, but it sounds as if you are on your initial 26-week claim; is that correct?

    Here’s a link to the bill’s overview: http://waysandmeans.house.gov/press/PRArticle.aspx?NewsID=11236

    Good luck, Jackie!

    ~~ Anne


    As an unemployed professor, I really need the inemployment benefits earned for the past 50 years. Believe will be teaching in the fall, but need my benefits to get through.

    Please pass along.

    Bernie Nelson

    • Hi Bernie,

      Thanks for your comment. Here’s Why has no inside access to Senators, Congresspeople or state unemployment departments, but we do encourage people to contact their own representatives (see the sidebar for a link to contact information for your state).

      Let them know what’s happening to you. Good luck!

      ~~ Anne

  9. I hope 3520 passes in some form as it is the only bill I have seen that is standalone and pays for itself. If not then nothing will pass nor should it. We have to pay for this rather than add $40 billion more to our already staggering debt. Our kids will have it tougher than we are getting it now unless we can right this ship.

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