H.R. 4213 has a new pulse? Also: H.R. 5618 awaits vote.

UPDATE 7/21: From Republican Senate Floor Update: “It is unclear at this point how much of the post-cloture time will be yielded back. If all post-cloture time is used, the vote on final passage would occur at approximately 9:00 PM.”
UPDATE 7/20: From the Democrats Senate Floor Calendar: “Following morning business, the Senate will resume consideration of the House Message on H.R.4213 … . Cloture limits debate to 30 hours. If all time is used, the time would expire around 9pm Wednesday. However, we would like to reach an agreement to yield back some of the post-cloture debate time so that we may complete action at a reasonable time tomorrow.”


UPDATE 7/19: 4213 should be addressed again on Tuesday, July 20. From the Democrats Senate Floor Calendar : “Votes: 2:30pm roll call vote on the motion to invoke cloture with respect to H.R.4213, which extends Unemployment benefits through November.”


According to the Senate legislative calendar, amendments to H.R. 4213 are under discussion again today, July 12, 2010.

H.R. 4213 would extend the unemployment insurance filing deadlines (see H.R. 4213 discussion this week; no fifth tier before year’s end) from June, but as of yet there is still no Tier V.

Keep an eye on H.R. 5618 this week as well. It does not address COBRA or the weekly stimulus payments, but it does deal with the infamous “temping penalty” that often stops or reduces benefits after someone accepts two or more weeks of temporary employment. (See PASSED: H.R. 5618: Extends deadlines and stops ‘temping penalty’)

The House Ways and Means Committee has a
status page for 4213 and 5618.

To keep an eye on proceedings according to party affiliation, check these links:

  • Democrats Senate Floor Calendar
  • Republican Floor Updates
  • Here are the recent modifications to H.R. 4213: American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act from the U.S. Senate Commission on Finance (Max Baucus, Chair). Note that this is a fluid situation and there is more under discussion.


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    1. It absolutely boggles my mind how these multi-millionaire Senators could have gone on their big fancy vacations for 12 days and leave American families with their unemmployment benefits cut off the day before Independance Day! It is immoral! How do these people sleep or look in the mirror? They are so far out of touch with the real world and real problems American families are facing. Americans should NOT have to worry how to feed their children and keep a roof over their heads.
      In my 60 years on this earth, I NEVER thought I would see my government turn it’s back on me.
      These Republican senators along with Sen. Ben Nelson(d) from Nebraska should be rewarded with unemployment come November, lose their VERY lucritive pensions, and have to pay for their own health care insurance. It is sad to think that we unemployed Americans will continue to support these SOBs for the rest of their miserable lives!
      God help us all!

      • We need to stick together and get these republican fat cats out of here this comming election “so dont get mad, get even” this comming election! and beleive me, i know its hard or been hard but we can do it if we stand together!

      • I agree with you! The government is sooooooo out of touch with reality, it is niot even funny! They are sooooo clueless about the average American.These people should NOT be allowed to serve more than two terms of 4 years just like the president. That is part of the problem. And they surely should NOT get to keep their slaries and benefits once they leave office either! How did that happen???? People need to wake up and kick these people OUT of OFFICE next election time!!!!

    2. Well I want or be the first to welcome congress back and I am sure you had plenty to eat for the Fourth. It really was a well deserved and needed mini vacation and break from taking care of the peoples business. No big deal, we certainly are not facing no real immediate crisis in this country right now. how am I, glad you, let tell congress how my Fourth and millions of other Americans went. Well as those in Congress left to celebrate the Fourth my unemployment benefits expired. I didn’t get to attend our local annual Fourth of July celebration. Instead I chose to take my last 30 dollars and pick up my daughter for my summer visitations. Luckily my mother had wired me 30 dollars to by some groceries. Well during the week congress was gone resting and the peoples business came to a halt,I applied for 9 more jobs, but if they call me for a job interveiw will be unable to attend due to the fact I ran out of fuel on my way home from my last job application. It was ok though, it allowed me and my daughter some good quality bonding time as we walked home.So besides that as you were gone we survived. We learned that you really don’t have to use A whole pound of hamburger meat in a recipe, you replace it with half a pound. Now that new week has started, it sure will be busy. Tomorrow I will walk up to a local church as basically beg them for some food to feed my daughter. While I begging, I guess I will ask my neighbor if I can use his phone number has a contact for job contact since my phone will be disconnected Wednesday, But before it is disconnected I will call My ex wife and also the child support office, so I can try to explain to them why I did not make the last child support payment. It will make no difference, I’m sure they will understand, I hear that now, they give you a whole 30 days before the will report you to the Credit Agency and to all State Licensing Agencies as a dead beat. I want to thank Congress at this point, because of their insistence that the unemployed of America have been reduced to Second Class citizens, I get to change my trade since my trade license expire July 31. I hope at the time my ex wife will have forgiven for being beat and not require me to provide transportation for my daughter to return home. I glad the courts have the fore site to now allow us to keep them longer, since on the 31 I should start preparing for my eviction. I could go on and on, but I guess I will stop, after all I’m probably over thinking it. Yea that what it is, because I heard O Bama tell those in the crowd that America was going back to work. And I did hear those two Republican Senators assure me that they really have no need to extend benefits due to the fact those disgraceful unemployed deadbeat beggars are just using them benefits for a vacation. I know I should not doubt them, because after all has not Congress proven over and over,regardless of who the President is, that when there are those in need, Congress will provide as long as they don’t behave like them people that won’t get a job. Shame on you Ben Nelson, you are a man of no integrity, when and why did you suddenly become fiscally responsible. Think theres a chance we can cut a deal. Shame on you John McCain, As one of the more centered and willing to work bi-partisan, and whose idea are not so Conservative except when it comes to the war effort. How can you be so lock in step in asking our men and women to sacrifice the lives for our freedom, yet have the audacity to look at a class of people in the eye, who many also have served in or whose children are asked to serve in the war you support yet tell them they should not expect any help from our Government. Shame on you President O Bama, How can you even expect any help or bi partianship after your shady and not so honorable way in handling the Health Care issue and pushing a Bill that was not a wish or priority of the American people at the time and in turn taking time,resources and energy away from sound job creation policy. Shame on the whole Damn Bunch You. Shame on your self centered and self seeking antics and playing politics with hurting American lives. Republicans, Quit justifying your filibusters and political jestering. I do not want to hear one more time how concerned you are with our childrens future and using it has a excuse for your inability to act and do the right thing. What I will tell you is as I feed my child the Last bowl pot beans for dinner, I fear for my childs present.Democrats, Pass the Unemployment Extensions and other vitally important Emergency Bills that is before you. Pay for them just as the Republicans suggested with unspent stimulas funds. It is the stated belief of both Nancy Pelosi,Harry Reid and many of your Parties economic advisors that failure to pass the unemployment extension will have a devastating effect on our economy.If it is truly that critical, it will be your parties failure to perform,the blood of the unemployed will be on your hands. Shame on me for doubting the greatness and power of the American people. I almost myself to be convinced that I was failure, I almost fell into the trap that all politicians would want us to believe, that they are there out of service and commitment and love for America. Congress, You have failed your country. You have disgraced the institution you serve and you have lost the respect of the American people. As a result of your actions and inactions,as a result of your greed, deception and mis guided beliefs, you of both parties have broken our nation and lost the confidence of the American people. I have worked my entire life, I never have asked or wanted a handout and always believed in Americas greatness and truly believed regardless of political ideology or disagreement. when the crisis called for it, for the most part our elected officials would put the well being of the country and the people above all. You have shattered that belief, and I as one never believed In entitlement nor did I believe,based on my work ethic,reputation and sense of personal responsibilty.I would be homeless,jobless and hopeless. Personally, not one Damn one of you deserve to be re elected and you can spin it,twist it,hide it or deny it.But, I and millions of others and more to come with out a drastic change in Washington,are in the position we are as a result of your failure to perform your job,Don’t even begin to point fingers,you are all responsible. Whats ironic is as you position your self for your re-elections, and determine your belief system based on what the polls say, and ask millions of people you have failed and have left desperate, is a reflection of your qualifications. So that leaves me to need to ask our members of Congress seeking re-election. WHAT IN THE HELL CAUSES YOU TO TRULY BELIEVE YOU ARE QUALIFIED OR EVEN WORTHY TO STAND BEFORE ME AND ASK FOR A VOTE. So really, how about our childrens future

      • I agree with you 100%!!! I think the entire government should be over halled!!! and NO ONE who was NOT born in this country should be allowed to hold office either!!!!! We need to get rid of ALL the illegals once and for all along with the politicians!!!

        • BRAVO, You took the words out of my mouth. I used to take home $695.00 a week and Senator Kyl thinks the $265.00 in incentive to stay home eating Bon Bons. Go to HELL Kyl. I’m embarrassed to say you represent my state.
          Washington needs an Enima. Re-elect NO ONE!!!!

    3. Pass the extension already… please just pass the extension. Even with it, we may sink over here but it’s something…. please pass the extension

    4. the biggest issue here is by not passing this bill not only are they hurting those with out jobs, but putting more out of work. Many bio fuel plants are closing or workers shifts are cut in half. But if you watch CSPAN they do name a few post offices every day!

    5. Just pass this bill so we can buy some groceries and gas up the car so i can look for that 20% chance of landing a part time temp janitor job 100 people are lined up to get! I spent 4 years in the USMC so I can stand in line behind someone who can’t speak english to get that job.

    6. Just pass the extension…I have military service and 35 years of paying taxes..can’t even afford to turn on A/C in Phoenix today..110 degrees outside..108 inside..maybe Kyl and McCain can relate to that..my son is taking a bus boy job to help pay bills..I would have taken it but too old for them..This 111th Congress is PATHETIC vote them OUT!!!!

    7. I’ve held it all in way too long….I just keep hoping, praying, and hanging on day after day. My work record is impressive, my integrity still in tact, my sanity is fading. I life in a state of disbelief that no one cares. 63 yrs old, need a job, need medical benefits, and do not know how to work the system because having worked all my life I never needed “a system”. Raised my girls who served our country and are pro-active, productive people who are extremely responsible. I did it without medication, without drugs, without alcohol! I deserved all of those things but never had a crutch other than my faith. Add to this marvelous responsibility that I had was my job, working for attorneys. The majority of whom are crooks, but again life blessed me with a variety. Some were like me, determined to keep their integrity.
      I want to work, but am now losing teeth and sight. Have not visited a doctor in four years. I sense the hope fading and with all the trillions poured into the new health care reform bill, I only have four more years to wait to see a doctor, if my luck holds out. My husband is also unemployed, has years of IT, and is currently working on his security certification. Just days from his test, no income for us other than my soc. sec. check at the end of the month. That’s right, I filed for my social security totally against my own wishes, but left with no choice. Because I am 63, I get nothing else until I am 65, i.e., medicare. Had an emergency in February, needed a physician or ER. Did neither. Chose to believe it would all “be alright”, took care of myself and remained true to my nature. My concern is not for my husband or myself, my concern is for the millions, the big picture, the children of the millions. My concern is for their future. I am beginning to fear the outcome. Our government is so corrupt and not afraid to even reveal their corruption. What an insult to our intelligence! We are not stupid! I hope America wakes up and stays awake all the way to the polls in November! Obama is one problem, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and all of their minions are increasing in numbers! THEY MUST BE STOPPED!

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