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Here’s why.

Each week, we will address a new question provided by you.  If a query is complex enough, we will lie in wait and snag an expert for a live chat. If we can’t waylay an expert, we will open it up to you for a Know-It-All discussion.  See? Easy. 

Toss your “why” question into the comments area.  It can address anything from decent manners, language,  travel and musicology to the mysteries of science, engineering and the joys of the current economy; but if it’s disgusting, sadistic, hate-filled or pornographic we will ignore it or perhaps snicker at your lack of a viable social life.  If your question is off-the-wall, genuine, and lots of people like it, we’ll not only answer it as our Explanation of the Week, but we will have a genuine live chat on the subject, during which we will explain the why of it all.

Well, go on then. Challenge us.


Culture and Travel: Live chat replay Mar. 19: “Chug Chug: Wine and Trains.” Greg Gross is a popular draw on “Here’s Why,” and kindly agreed to return in March for a discussion of two of his great travel loves – wine and trains – in unique tours blending both.


Working: Live chat replay Friday, Feb. 26: “Staying ‘up’ when you’re down” during which we hosted a tip-sharing live chat with our fellow job-seekers on how to pull yourself out of the nearly inevitable emotional murk.

We also issued a challenge. Are you up for it?

Culture and Travel: Live chat replay Feb. 11 “I’m Black and I Travel: Why so surprised?” with international journalist Greg Gross.

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Published on November 16, 2009 at 5:35 am  Comments (5)  

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  1. Question:
    From all of us who will be evicted this month and have to tell our kids we will be sleeping under a bridge because the shelters are full to the brim and we will have to beg for some type of food because our local food banks are about empty, our question is, where do you think the Republican Party will fair after knowing the hit millions of Americans took that live week to week, while you took a recess to celbrate this beautiful land that we live in on the 4th of July.

    Question from a now EX-life long Republican! T.Mitchell

  2. Congress has nevered cared about anything but the cash under the table we hear about all the time in the news. The only thing they care about is themselves and I hope the american people will wake up and remember this and vote everyone of them out we need people in there that will say no to jobs being moved out of the country and bailouts that will only help companies pass out money to execs. Why doesn’t the congress and senate make companies like aig and others pay for the people on unemployement. Nov watch out if it takes that long. If our forefathers could see america now the would arise and haunt everyone of u in office

  3. The prospects for the future certainly look dim. Both Democrats and Republicans are under pressure to make substantial cuts to the national budget, which will affect unemployment compensation and many other programs like welfare. We cannot continue to simply raise the debt limit and increase federal spending. I believe that the military budget will need to decrease by at least 50% and that we need to completely withdraw from Iraq and Afganistan. The number of bases and men in arms needs to be significantly reduced. The military-industrial complex needs perpetual war to feed its greed. Many federal programs will need to be eliminated or reduced. Unfortunately, Medicare, & Social Security must also be on the table. There are billions of dollars of fraud and waste in Medicare billings. That could be significantly reduced by vigorous investigations and checking into the legitimacy of many providers. Earmarks should be made illegal so that they cannot be tagged onto legitimate spending bills. We do need a balanced budget with a built in surplus for future contingencies, and we need to pay down our debt. If we do not, a depression will surely result.

  4. At first, I was going to ask you to explain all of the intricacies of the debt ceiling and the implications of America’s credit rating being lowered, but I thought better of it. I want real answers to something that matters to me. So, here’s my question, as a person who travels a lot. What is the standard rate to tip housekeeping at a hotel? Does it differ when you go to a motel or resort?

    • Hello, Hunter, and thank you for the reprieve regarding the debt ceiling explanation! I’m not so sure that your tipping questsion is much less complicated, though.

      It is further muddled by etiquette in the country where you are staying. It’s possible to commit a terrible faux pas by offering money to professional workers outside our US shores.

      Don’t forget to add tipping on trains if you have booked a sleeper cabin, and on cruises (though I hear from a world traveller who’s just peered over my shoulder that the ships post the expected rates publicly). Let me check into whether that applies to freighter cruises as well.

      In the meantime, I simply want to acknowledge your question and will check with my travel experts for The Real Answer, posting as soon as I have the information.

      Thanks for asking, Hunter!

      ~~ Anne

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